Welcome to Nost Motorsports official racing web site home of the number 5 hobby stock out of Boone, Iowa! Here on our site you can find information about our owner, driver, pit crew and car! You can also find pictures and racing videos. In the future we hope to make racing gear available to you from this site! Please follow us on here or on Facebook at Nost Mortorsports to stay up to date on our racing adventures!

The Driver

Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch is the driver of the number 5 hobby stock for Nost Motorsports. Dustin was born and raised in Gilbert, Iowa and moved to Boone his junior year of high school where he met Natalie and eventually became a part of the Nost family. Dustin has always enjoyed sports but ultimately the sport he wanted to get involved with was dirt track racing. Dustin’s rookie season was 2012 where he raced in Boone at his home track and also Marshalltown. This year, Dustin is racing in Boone primarily and occasionally in Marshalltown and Stuart.